County tinker

30 January 2019, Wed. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
from 1.82 EUR
from 1.82 EUR
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What is the warto go on Vistama "Uezdnaya naganina"?

1. Shanuvalniki creativity A. P. Chekhov buty neodmіnno!
2. Marry smіhovinnu mystical comedy.
3. Get rich with thin ironwork.

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A series of zvoroshivih, merry, bezgluzdikh, mysterious and intrigue fits. All tse, wickedly, the swamp was shaken off and we could see the bog by looking at it, having confirmed that, in a quiet swamp, we should be bass. Don't give it back. Shortly, it seems, in a circle, it was just a need of a neemir_rna

In vistavi "district county" victorist plot and text bagatokh tvorev A.P. Chekhov.

Trivial productions - 2 years 30 hvilin.