Ukrainian Decameron

10 October 2018, Wed. 19:00
from 4.15 EUR
from 4.15 EUR
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Folk, buff, drama, comedy, folk festivals, fairy tale for adults. Irony Boccaccio with Ukrainian overtones.

"Ukrainian Decameron" is a bright, vertiginous world in which joy and pain, laughter and tears, life and death are all intertwined, existing on the verge of a different life of mystically mysterious and unknown Ukraine, so close and yet so far from us.

This is the life of the Ukrainian village with its original songs, humor and vodka, and that world in which it will not seem strange to anybody to talk with death is just "on the side", "neighborly", and nobody will be surprised by the prancing of devils, the cockman or the flight of heroes in the sky. Live music, authentic singing and a unique stage space - the viewer sits on stage, facing the auditorium, and before them a wide panorama unfolds: a spectacle!

The original play of Klim, written specifically for the theater. V. Vasilko.