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Ulichnaya Eda

04 - 05 November 2017 11:00-23:00
Art-zavod Platforma Kyiv, Belomorskaya 1
from 75 ₴
from 75 ₴


Ulichnaya Eda in Kyiv - photo №1 picture
Ulichnaya Eda in Kyiv - photo №2 picture
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Ulichnaya Eda in Kyiv - photo №4 picture
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About event

November will be anomalously warm and the matter here is not at all in weather conditions. After all, on the first weekend of the month, November 4-5, the closing of the season of the Ulichnaya eda festival will take place on the Art Plant platform.

And we predict, this event will bring together all the blazing hearts of the city. And, of course, all the best that has happened to us this year. As never before, the location will be transformed, filled with insane energy and music, which will bring life all around. And one of those you'll hear this weekend? there will be three beautiful girls from Trio Mandili - those whose creativity has a special soul and extraordinary atmosphere.

Traditionally, every guest on the food court will meet about 100 long-beloved residents and gastro enthusiasts that only recently began their journey in the world of street food'a. But your great adventure will begin much earlier - from getting acquainted with local crafters that will wait at the very entrance to the Local Food Market, which this time will be located in the Loft pavilion.

Discover new worlds at master classes and tastings. Nakivaytes information in the lecture hall. Go shopping in the Urban Market. Transform yourself into Beauty Corner, where the girls will be at the mercy of the Beauty Stage, and the men will be waiting for two barbershop - Tommy Gun Barbershop and Barbarian Barbershop. Learn to be kinder to the world, to everyone around and to yourself in the Mokry Nosiki zone and the inclusive space of Be Together. Feel the full force of comfort and enjoy an abundance of pleasant bonuses in the Ulichnaya Eda area recommends. Be sure to drink a glass of something heady in each of the bars. Well, if you are wandering around the festival with the baby, go to the warm and smiling Kids Place, where the nanny-animators surround the care of every little guest at the festival.

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