Black square "Die - later it will be late!"

23 June 2019, Sun. 19:00
Jewish Cultural Center Odessa, st. Nezhinskaya 77/79
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from 4.55 EUR
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About event

Piercing story of life, death and what remains after you

According to numerous requests of regular spectators - the premiere of the most unformatted and art-house performance in the repertoire of "Black Square" on the Odessa theater scene

In one totalitarian country, a number of terrible crimes are occurring that excite the public. The police arrest a little-known writer who has published only one story ... Can he prove his innocence? .. And put creativity above his own life?

Having created this tough detective thriller, "Black Square" surpassed himself! The masters of the entertainment genre proved that they can not only entertain in the “stand-up” mode, combined with the “League of Laughter”, but also give great power to the PRESENT DRAMA! This performance is a breakthrough for actors and spectators. A story that keeps you in suspense from the first second and does not let you relax until the very end. Only here you can see your favorite actors by others - unusually tough, immensely contradictory, but even more talented and delightful.

“Die - then it will be ... too late!” - a performance that breaks the patterns, causes a shock and a strong aftertaste, which causes the desire to ... go to it again. To "puzzle" in the head shovchik converged to shovchik. This story will not let you go for a long time.

Attention: the presence of taboo vocabulary suggests that the performance will be watched by adults. Adults - not on the passport, but as a soul.

Writer Kovalchyk - Dmitry Basiy
Marek Kovalchyk - Vyacheslav Nikonorov
Detective Di Maria - Mikhail SPIVAKOVSKY
Detective Dubovsky - Sergey Fedorchuk