15 - 16 June 2019 15:00
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR


About event

why visit the UNDERHILL 2019 festival?

1. Europian Music Festival.
2. The largest festival of Western Ukraine.
3. Place where they dance day and night.

Underhill will host a major music festival in Western Ukraine

On June 15-16, the Underhill music festival will be held in the Podgorie village of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. The International Festival will unite different trends of modern electronic and pop music, performers from Ukraine and from Europe. In non-stop mode, there are 3 scenes in the day and night: Main stage, UnderNight and UnderGround.

Live performances by such famous domestic artists as Olya Polyakova, MOZGI, Ivan Navi, Druha Rika - Druga Rika, Boombox, DZIDZIO, SKY / SKAI, Arsen Mirzoyan, MamaRika and others. Rhythms of modern, in particular, electronic music on stage will be set not only by Ukrainian artists such as O. Official, YUKO, ARTBAT, but also famous European musicians. Namely: two UK djs - James Zabiela and DJ Aphrodite, Dutch music producer Ferry Corsten and Israeli singer Nadav Dagon.

The guests of the festival are waiting for an airshow from the aviation command of the high-flying aircraft from Latvia Baltic Bees, night 3D mapping, pyrotechnic show, flights by airplanes and balloons, a unique parachute show, and also a lot of music. In addition, food courts and lounge areas are located throughout the area, where you can relax in comfortable armchairs. There will also be created art zones with paintings by well-known artists and architectural creations, and movie lovers will be able to join cinema shows.
Contemporary music lovers will be able to stay on the festival grounds in the tent city with all amenities.

UnderHill music festival is held on the territory of the private airfield Urochyshche Podgorie. There will be camping and parking, and the city can be reached through regular transportation. The location of the festival is 22 km from Ivano-Frankivsk.

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