Une vie d`amour & Pyramid of Zyuzkind. Solo Plays Fest

15 May 2019, Wed. 19:00
Kyiv fortress Kyiv, Login with b-ra Lesia Ukrainka 12-14
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR


Une vie d`amour & Pyramid of Zyuzkind. Solo Plays Fest in Kyiv - photo #1 Une vie d`amour & Контрабас Зюзкінда. Solo Plays Fest у Києві
Une vie d`amour & Pyramid of Zyuzkind. Solo Plays Fest in Kyiv - photo #2 Une vie d`amour & Контрабас Зюзкінда. Solo Plays Fest у Києві афіша
Une vie d`amour & Pyramid of Zyuzkind. Solo Plays Fest in Kyiv - photo #3 Une vie d`amour & Контрабас Зюзкінда. Solo Plays Fest у Києві квитки

About event

Why go to the performances of Une vie d`amour & Pyramid of Zyuzkind?

1. The Solo Plays Fest is a new contemporary international festival.
2. A unique opportunity for Kyiv viewers to immediately see two different performances of musicians: a premiere performance on the life of Charles Aznavour, a famous French chanson and a well-known performance "Double bass" performed by a very powerful Polish actor Krzysztof Rogacewicz.
3. Performers will also be able to take part in other fest events: see the "Innuendo" doll show, the exhibition "Life, The Moment. Game" dedicated to His Majesty theater, take part in the drawing of prizes for the audience: photo sessions in theatrical costumes, books, subscription to the theater for three, six, twelve months.

May 15, at the Solo Plays Fest International Theater Festival, two interesting performances at once: Maestro Aznavour. Une vie damour & Pyramid of Zyuzkind

19:00 Maestro Aznavour. Une vie d amour - performance by the poem Tamara Alohina, written on the basis of Aznavour's memories.

Director and performer - Peter Mironov, actor of Kyiv Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank.

A performance about the life and work of a great chanson, poet, actor and composer. However, as he from the younger years sought success and recognition. As he managed to save in his heart the love for life, for the song, for the audience, which he considered part of his family. The play is in Russian.

20:30 Double bass - performance by famous patriarch Patrick Ziesskind.

Artist: Krzysztof Rogacewicz (Zelena Gora, Poland)

Double bass (Der Kontrabass) is the first piece by Patrick Suscind in which the theme of the "little" person is raised. The product is a one-act monologue of the protagonist - a 35-year-old bass player who works in the state orchestra.

Despite the fact that the play Zyskinda - "cry of the soul" of a person in a state of depression, the reader feels sympathy for the protagonist. This is due to the writer's humor, "almost a smuggling language tongue and a weakness to the losers and loners that reminds Chekhov" (Marcel Reich-Ranitsky).

The writer uses contrasts in the work. So, in the beginning of the play, the protagonist convinces us that the bass player is not considered to be one of the best musical instruments that the bassists do not appreciate properly. Later, he confesses that he hates his double bass that this musical instrument can not produce any decent sound.

And we learn that the double bass prevents the hero from living - he must take care of him as a living being. Gradually, the contrabass displaced from his owner's life all other human relationships, even sexual ones. No change can take place in his life, since only a stable work in the state orchestra and music is occupied by him. He lost control over his own life.

And then the protagonist decides to decisively change his everyday lonely life: he likes the vocalist who works with the orchestra, in which the contrabassist works. Of course, she still did not notice that, because the contrabassists sit in the last row of the orchestra. At first the hero tried to play flawlessly to draw her attention. However, even when he tried deliberately not to fall into the notes - still nobody noticed, so insignificant his role in the orchestra. And then the contrabass solves - he screams the name of his lover all over the theater. Only so can he draw attention to himself. The performance is in Polish.

With the support of the Guild of Independent theaters of Ukraine
With the support of the National Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine

Co-organizers Kyiv Fortress, International Socio-Cultural Project "Joyfest", Art Center named after them. Ivan Kozlovsky National Operetta of Ukraine
Organizers: NIAM Kyiv Fortress, PO Giofest, Art Center named after them. I.Kozlovsky

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