Women Boxing League United Lions

19 December 2018, Wed. 19:30
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
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from 4.55 EUR
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Women Boxing League United Lions in Kyiv - photo #1 Women Boxing League United Lions у Києві

About event

Why go to the Women's Boxing League?

1. Look at the strength, grace and technique of the best athletes of Ukrainian boxing
2. Enjoy the performance of the headliner show - Dana Sokolova
3. Get unforgettable emotions from matches and shows, to support the Ukrainian team right in the arena

For the first time in Ukraine and Europe - League of Women's Boxing in Kiev. A new show project designed to show Ukraine and the world that women's sport can conquer the hearts of thousands of spectators.

December 19 at the Sports Palace will be the first match of the League between the Ukrainian Levitsy and the Polish team. Ukraine will be represented by the U.Lions team, which includes the most experienced and experienced Ukrainian athletes. Star headliner of the first match meeting will be an exciting and talented DANA SOKOLOVA.

Dana is a new hero on the musical scene, has a truly unique voice and eccentric style. Around Dana Sokolova formed a rock band, which became a perfect musical addition to the voice of the artist. From their songs on the skin running ants, live performances win the hearts of all spectators without exception, and singles "Indigo" and "From the white sheet" instantly fell into the rotation of leading radio stations and TV channels.

We are waiting for you at the brightest sports event of December!

In battle, together!