Unreal is Real

23 February 2019, Sat. 09:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
from 0.90 EUR
from 0.90 EUR


Unreal is Real in Kyiv - photo #1 Нереальне Реально у Києві
Unreal is Real in Kyiv - photo #2 Нереальне Реально у Києві афіша

About event

Why should you go to the event "Unreal is Real"?

1. Mega-event, which will give the key to success in your life.
2. The opportunity to join and contribute to the implementation of a unique social project throughout the world. The project “People of the World” is the advanced tendencies of communication between people.
3. This event, which will forever change your outlook, maximally expand its perception and remind you of the main thing for each of us.

Intensive “Unreal is Real” is the path to personality transformation.

At this training, the strongest speakers will tell their unrealistic stories that have become a reality and changed their lives. Participants of the event will receive direct instructions and cases on psychology, business, family relations. The funds collected as a result of ticket sales will go to charity, namely, to an autonomous rehabilitation center for children.


Ruslana - People's Artist of Ukraine, ambassador of clean energy in the world, social activist. The first Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. The owner of the order "For intellectual courage."

Topic: "The path from an unreal dream to a real victory."

Dmitry Todoruk - leader of the Aviator group.

He will tell about how his unreal ideas became real hits of Ukraine. And also about how a team of like-minded people was formed into one creative team with an army of fans throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Mark Ginsburg - a billionaire, Ukrainian-American businessman, developer, technology ideologue of Blockchain, a public figure, a collector.

Topic: "The path from an unreal idea to a real million."

Dmitry Karpachev - the most productive family trainer in Ukraine! The host of popular shows with a social bias: "Honey, we kill children," "Save our family."

Topic: “How to give a child everything without money and connections. How to raise a modern child and do not spoil. 25 valuable tips.

Irina Efremova - an international coach. Psychotherapist. Specialist in depression and personality harmonization, the founder of the "Balance Therapy". Crisis expert. The creator of a step-by-step algorithm for deep knowledge of yourself. Author of 11 psychological programs. Author of associative maps of the IAC "Mirror of the Soul".

Lyubosvet Radalova - female coach of international level. Visionary. An expert on the disclosure of femininity in family relationships and the balance of women's potential, the awakening of the soul and awareness. The author of healing courses and workshops that free people from illusions.

The topic of the speech: “How to awaken the soul and feel the source of the ABSOLUTE. The most effective practice SUN.

Tatyana Rusina - the author and presenter of women's trainings, a psychologist, a coach, the founder of the International Women's Club, a writer. Known around the world, has admirers in more than 30 countries.

Topic: “The value of the family. 10 ways to keep relationships and not to part. How to create a happy family for the month. Instructions for action.

Alexey Prosekin and Marina Khmelovskaya - students of Geshe Michael Roach. One of the best specialists in the field of karmic management, the organizers of the festival “Life is like a miracle”, the organizers of 27 international events in psychology. Authors of best-selling books.

Topic: “4 proven steps to absolute success. The laws of the universe. How to distinguish signs of fate from coincidence. Mysterious knowledge that you did not know."

Elena Tararina - a certified art art therapist, business coach, coach, president of the East Ukrainian Association for Art Therapy, organizer of international festivals in seven countries of the world, author of 24 books, metaphorical maps, games. Practical psychologist of the highest category, candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Topic: “20 ways to increase efficiency. 5 ways to turn off a loser. 1 proven way to instantly get out of depression."

Please note that this event will be a draw of one-room apartment by serial number of tickets! More tickets - more likely to win an apartment.

Also, buying a ticket with a price of 2500 UAH, you get a gift package from the speakers:
- a step-by-step algorithm for deep self-knowledge, the methodology for finding a personal balance “Path to yourself” (I. Efremova);
- video tutorials “Karma for breakfast”, + package of meditations “Money”, “Gratitude”, “Forgiveness”, “Femininity” / “Masculinity” (A. Prosekin and M. Khmelovskaya);
- training "Resource partnership" - the author's program, which will help to create environmental and resource relations in a pair (T. Rusina);
- two tickets to the international festival of art therapy Art-Praktik (E. Tararina);
- transformation of gene memory, the program for women “Forgive yourself. You are a diva” (L. Radalova).

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