Psychotherapist vulnerability: countertransference, transference, projection

6 October 2019, Sun. 11:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
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from 86.67 EUR
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About event

The responsibility of the psychotherapist to his client, among other things, is to remain in his reality, separating it from the client's reality - only this way he can remain in the resource, while maintaining his self-identity.

Theme of the event: Countertransference, transfer, projection

The purpose of the master class: Give support to an experienced supervisor with the ability to parse their own requests and client requests from private practice.

The target audience:
- practicing psychologists and psychotherapists

From the organizers:
We believe that the principle: "Do not harm yourself, do not harm the client." Therefore, the third and final day, from the cycle of meetings with Veronika Khlebova, is devoted to supervision to support psychotherapists and prevent the so-called burnout in their professional activities.