Dinner for three

9 December 2018, Sun. 19:00
Киевская Консерватория Kyiv, ул. Городецкого 1-3/11
from 3.64 EUR
from 3.64 EUR

About event

Why you should go to the play "Dinner for three"

1. Having come to our performance - you will see a piercing and unusually beautiful love story.
2. Try a cocktail of feelings with a bit of humor and ... light sadness.
3. Enjoy the game of great artists.

“Dinner for three” is a space of Love. This is a place for strong emotions, where heat and cold, where joy and agony, where the ups and downs, where there is no indifferent.

In the space of Love there are no winners and losers - there are only feelings, passion and attraction of the heart. This is a story about unfulfilled dreams and broken hopes, but I want to believe that everything will happen. And the heroine will find the answer to her main question: “What is love?”. After all, you can still change while the clarinet is playing ...

The real highlight of the play "Dinner for Three" is live music. After all, one of the actors in the performance is the clarinet. A young musician Maxim Mikailov (Artist of the HATMK Orchestra) plays masterly on it. The duration of the performance is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Lyuba - Olga Solonetskaya
Lover - Timur Gromyko
Clarinet - Maxim Mikailov
Husband - Vladimir Safonov
The young man - Vladimir Melnik

The creators of the play:
Director - Nikolay Osipov
Artist - Alexander Abmanov
Choreographer - Maya Bershova
Sound producer - Inna Gudkova, Anatoly Ladigin
Lighting Designer - Edward Lobanov
Dresser-requisitor - Olga Petrusenko
Musical arrangement - Maxim Mikailov

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