Dinner with a fool

3 November 2019, Sun. 19:00
Kyiv Conservatory Kyiv, vulytsya Horodetsʹkoho 1-3/11
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from 6.67 EUR
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About event

Why go to the show "Dinner with a fool"?

1. Laugh heartily and with taste!
2. Touch the great works of Francis Weber.
3. Have a good time on Sunday evening.

The Kharkov Theater of MDT has existed for more than 15 years, successfully playing performances, both on the stages of the city, and annually touring in Ukraine and in Europe, he won a huge number of admirers.

The project of the theater can rightly be called one of the phenomena of the theatrical life of Kharkov, a distinctive feature of which is an experiment with genres and form. In the repertoire of the theater, modern playwrights from McDonagh to CLIMA appear more and more, all the performances have strong energy and the moment of interaction with the public here and now, the ability of high improvisation. The theater treats comedies with special care, as the comedy game is a special gift !!!

This evening you will learn what a real French comedy is. This phenomenal history of Francis Weber is popular all over the world, many theaters turned to her ... Imagine that you have a traditional dinner with friends today, a prerequisite of which is the need to bring ... a fool! A fool, naturally, should not guess anything. The essence of such a joke is to unleash an unusual guest language. One of the participants in the dinner, who will lead the "best" fool - the winner!

It has always been this way ... ... but not today! “Special circumstances” - leaving his wife, a terrible backache, obsession of the tax inspector so inappropriate, make this dinner kind! Who is the best fool to judge you!

Director: Alexey Wright


Pierre Broshan - Alexey Wright
Francois Pignon - Bogdan Adamenko
Just Leblanc - Sergey Anipchenko
Marlene-Anastasia Dovgopolova
Kristina-Elizaveta Lyubimova
Cheval - Evgeny Shinkarev
Arshambo - Ivan Yanchenko
On the motives of Francis Weber's play “Dinner of Fools”