Everything is possible in this house

19 November 2018, Mon. 19:00
Украинский театр Odessa, st. Pastera, 15
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from 4.55 EUR
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About event

The most ridiculous situations, as a rule, occur with the closest people, with those who live with us under the same roof. Well, remember how many funny incidents happened in your entire life under the roof of your own home, and how many such lovely secrets are kept in its walls?

The play “Everything is possible in this house” is about such families that have heart-to-heart conversations in the intervals between exchanges. Everything, however, as it should be! But the main thing: no matter how noisy the family scandals are, they absolutely do not mean that people have become strangers to each other - they can have fun just as loudly! About all the troubles faced by native people look in the play, which is based on Ellin Mak Kiver!

This is an incredibly funny, easy and dynamic, but at the same time full of deep meaning play about love, about family, about relationships between the closest people. This is a laugh through tears, which gives the depth of the story being presented on the theater stage. Paradoxical situations, strange dialogues and complete unpredictability.

They say that when the hearts of people are close, they speak in a whisper, and when the hearts move away - they go to cry. Actually, hence the different weather in any house. Ridiculous situations, interesting conversations, entertaining stories, extremely paradoxical situations will be played by Alexei Bogdanovich, Lesia Samaeva, Tamara Yatsenko, Yartem Yemtsov, Anastasia Blazhchuk, Angelica Girich.

Directed by: Irina Zilberman.