Valentine Cuba

28 May 2019, Tue. 19:00
October Palace Kyiv, Alley Named After the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, 1
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from 4.55 EUR
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About event

Why should go to the concert of Valentine of Cuba?

1. Live to hear the best smash hitters Valentin Cuba.
2. Immerse yourself in the pleasant atmosphere of nostalgia.
3. Do not miss the first concert of the musician in Kiev.

For the first time in Kiev! By popular demand - Velvet voice of Odessa Valentine Cuba!

The voice that conquered Ukraine! He is adored for sincerity and professionalism. His songs are about true male friendship, love, Odessa, dreams and just about life.

May 28 in the October Palace will be a unique concert of the famous Odessa chansonnier Valentine Cuba! This is the first performance of a famous musician in Kiev!

Especially for the people of Kiev and guests of the capital, Valentin Kuba is preparing an exclusive program, which will feature folk hits by Leonid Utesov, Mark Bernes, Odessa hits "Murka", "Khava Nagyla", "7:40", "Limonchiki" and many others. Of course, it will not be without author's songs of the artist in the style of the 40-50s.

Valentin Kuba’s company on the stage will be made up by his longtime friends, the Kaminz mum “Mother's Children”. As these guys perform Jewish, Moldovan, Gypsy, Greek, Ukrainian songs - no one can.

Each concert of Valentine Kuba is saturated with a special atmosphere and incredible emotions. His velvet voice is the personification of the musical culture of Odessa. This beautiful artist is characterized not only by the attractive timbre of his voice, but also by his unique style, sincerity, sensuality and natural artistry. Add to this the still incredible charm and warmth of the soul of the genius Valentine of Cuba - and you will understand why viewers who once attended his concert become his fans forever!

Cuba - winner of the Grand Prix at the festival "Volnaya Gavan" (Odessa). His disc “I am from Odessa, a criminal rake,” brought him fame among collectors. Cuba wrote the anthem of the football team "Chernomorets", as well as music for the film "Winner". He composed an album of songs for Oleg Markov called “Pigeons”.

At the moment, the musician is preparing to release a new album, and is also planning a series of concerts in Ukraine, Germany, Cyprus and other countries of near and far abroad.

Spend an evening of real music and emotions in company with Valentin Cuba!