Valery Zhidkov

7 October 2018, Sun. 19:00
from 5.19 EUR
from 5.19 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the humorous concert of Valery Zhidkov?

1. Enjoy the subtle irony and unexpected jokes.
2. To prolong life, bursting with laughter.
3. See the performance of one of the country's best humorists.

Valery Zhidkov rightfully bears the title of one of the most talented and bright representatives among the author's workshop of the studio "Quarter 95".

He is the author and host of the entertainment program "Chistonuz" (channel "1 + 1"). In addition, Valery - co-host on the TV show "Evening Kiev". The phrase is known: "In every joke there is some truth." But Valery Zhidkov is fully confident that this in any truth is only a joke. And that's why the new solo artist program called "About Everything" is full of humor and irony! It proves that one can not take seriously everything that surrounds us: from simple and minor domestic troubles to the biggest global problems.

So, the program "Everything" is striking in a variety of topics: love, sport, cinema, space ... And most importantly - it's about us, about people. After all, man is not only the most perfect and amazing creature on the whole planet, but also the most ridiculous and inexplicable. Our ability to laugh is something that people differ from animals. So come to October 7 at the Yubileiny Concert Hall to fully enjoy this ability! We are waiting for everyone on the solo author's concert of Valery Zhidkov with the new program!