Vasily Popadiuk and Papa Duke Band

8 November 2019, Fri. 19:30
Terminal Brovary, Kievskaya street, 316
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to a concert of Vasyl Popadiuk and Papa Duke Band?

1. Paganini of our time will perform for the first time in Brovary!
2. You have never seen or heard of this!
3. An incredible concert this fall!

For the first time in Brovary, a concert by the Ukrainian virtuoso violinist Vasyl Popadiuk, called "Ukrainian Paganini", will take place on November 8 at the Terminal Hall of the SEC. He is also a pianist, the founder of the PapaDuke band, with whom he travels the world, playing music in the styles of world music, Latin, gypsy, jazz. Able to play 15 musical instruments and has a composer's talent.

His talent is captured by foreign leaders, diplomats and businessmen, rich and famous, experienced musicians, colleagues and untrained listeners. King Hussein gives him his watch. Queen Sophia invites repeat concerts. In Spain, he is called "The Living Nerve", "Maestro the Violin", in America - the "Golden Violin", in Canada, where he took second place in the competition of the TV company Great Canadian Music Dream - "Modern Paganini". He is admired and proud of the Ukrainian diaspora of the American continent: "another our phenomenon", "another who praises Ukraine".

Basil on the stage is a wizard of Hutsul appearance, though he is similar to an Italian, Roman, Gypsy or Jew. His fragile youthful figure after a few strokes of the bow becomes a vibrating nerve. In his frantic pace and figure his right hand moves. In unison - ballet legs dance, long blond hair flies into the air. He seems without flesh, which is visually transformed into sound, voice, feeling. And the violin is only the conduit of this solid sensory nerve, the soul that has something to tell us and knows how to say. The strings rupture.

Rejects - and continues on. We are witnesses to miracles, unrealities. Not one soul in the hall is experiencing catharsis ... standing ovation. Endless challenges.

His current repertoire and style of performance is called World Mus. He is thought to have created his own genre, bringing together classical Slavic, folk, Gypsy, popular music and jazz. His compositions are unique. No one had had this experience before. Appreciating the classics, Vasily loves national music, especially Hutsul. From Slavic - Romanian, Hungarian, to the heart - romantic composer Enio Moricone.