The (CAAT)

12 April 2020, Sun. 19:00
Actor`s House Kyiv, vulytsya Yaroslaviv Val, 7
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

The performance "The" in Kyiv! The Classical Art Alternative Theater presents a modern interpretation of Anton Chekhov's The Bear.

Why is it worth going to the play "The" in Kyiv?

1. An original directorial approach to Chekhov’s classics.
2. Sparkling comedy for a great mood.
3. A brilliant play of actors will find a response in every heart.

The performance "The" in Kyiv

The Classical Art Alternative Theater invites you to a new production of The based on the famous play by Anton Chekhov. The play is a joke – the embodiment of a bold fantasy on the theme of classics. Do not miss!

A new reading of the masterpiece of classics in the play "The"

A magnificent director's tandem worked on the production – Katarina Sinchillo and Viktor Koshel. The result, as always, was a real theatrical sensation, which no one expected. "The" is a production that can cause positive emotions and sincere smiles even among skeptics. The performance proves: there are no people who would be impossible to make laugh.

The plot revolves around the decision of Elena Popova to leave this world after the deceased spouse. But there is one significant restraining factor: in erotic dreams, an unfamiliar man constantly appears to Elena. And now – an unknown seducer appears before the eyes of our heroine. What to do now?

The performance subtly draws such an unusual and sensual Slavic nature. The production picturesquely reveals the whole paradox of the joint existence of the female and male worlds. No wonder Chekhov defined the genre of the work as a "joke". Was it not a joke of the Creator to divide people into women and men?

The directors are Katarina Sinchillo, Viktor Koshel.
Roles are performed by: Tetiana Lozyna, Anhelina Hryshchenko, Volodymyr Vovk.

Where to buy tickets for the performance "The" in Kyiv?

You can choose convenient places and book tickets for the performance "The" (CAAT) in Kyiv on the website.

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