Big Stand Up Komisarenko, Amaryan

7 October 2018, Sun. 19:00
from 9.09 EUR
from 9.09 EUR


About event

For the first time in Kharkiv residents of the Great Stand Up Glory Komisarenko and Guru Amaryan!

Belarussian comedian Glory Komisarenko and representative of the ancient tribe of Iraq Yezidis Gurim Amaryan are among the most demanding and demanded stendap-artists. Two humorous opposites, which will maximize the color of this evening.

Stand Up show is a humor that does not know the limitations, and ironic monologues about yourself, surrounding reality and pressing issues that are close to all of us! In Ukraine, stenpad actively develops, and this time some of the most famous stand-ups arrive on the territory of the entire CIS. Speeches will be held on October 6 in Kiev and October 7 in Kharkiv.

THE GLORY OF KOMISARENKO is one of the strongest Belarusian humorists of our time. He gained popularity very quickly and became one of the main residents of the STAND UP project from Comedy Club Production. The two-meter blonde most often tells about his friends, acquaintances, and his relationship with his beloved girl. On the one hand, these numbers are similar to ordinary people's perceptions. But the observation of this guy and the ability to look at the situation in a non-trivial manner make these monologues really funny. In preparing the programs, he puts the task not only to entertain the audience, but also to discuss serious and important topics. He strives for his people to be funny and interesting. And you will be surprised how rich and high-quality Commissarenko Glory is a humorous arsenal.

Together with Slava, another popular comedian of the project STAND UP from Comedy Club Production - GUAM AMARIAN goes ! Guru Amaryan positions himself as the first Yezid stendap comic. As he himself points out: "The main theme for presentations is the Caucasian theme. I also write about my people Yezidis. I want to talk about it. We have such a small people, about whom nobody knows anything, but we have so many different traditions. I live in it, in two cultures. I see a huge difference in this and when I'm telling people are shocking. "

Today, the genre of stenpad is especially popular. And the secret is that comedians from the scene share with the audience their thoughts and emotions. They are joking over standard life situations that are familiar to everyone. At the same time there are no forbidden topics for them.

You can relax, laugh and enjoy the memories of the concert, because laughter is the best vacation! It is such an evening waiting for spectators on October 6 at the House of Officers at GREAT STAND UP from Glory Komisarenko and Gurma Amaryan!

The program duration is 1.5 hours. The show program is presented in Russian. Recommended for people over 16 years of age.

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