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Standup "Great Ukrainian Stand Up"

21 September 2024, Sat. 19:00-21:00
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from 330 ₴
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Standup "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" in Odesa - photo №1 velikii-ukrayinskii-stand-up-odesa-16-03_odeska-oblasna-filarmoniya_160320241900_937
Standup "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" in Odesa - photo №2 velikii-ukrayinskii-stand-up-odesa-16-03_odeska-oblasna-filarmoniya_160320241900_663
Standup "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" in Odesa - photo №3 velikii-ukrayinskii-stand-up-odesa-16-03_odeska-oblasna-filarmoniya_160320241900_472
Standup "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" in Odesa - photo №4 velikii-ukrayinskii-stand-up-odesa-16-03_odeska-oblasna-filarmoniya_160320241900_737

About event

The stand-up "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" in Odesa will take place on March 16, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. in the Odesa Regional Philharmonic.

Why should you go to the "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" stand-up show in Odesa?

  1. The favorite genre of humor of Ukrainians.
  2. A large-scale event with the participation of famous comedians.
  3. A source of positivity and inspiration for everyone.

Standup "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" in Odesa

All residents of Odessa and guests of the city are invited to the "Great Ukrainian Stand Up"! They will share their best jokes with you:
  • Anton Tymoshenko is a Ukrainian stand-up star with 8 years of experience. Anton Tymoshenko was interviewed by the popular American TV presenter David Letterman. As a professional political scientist, Anton prefers jokes about political events and trends. Acute social topics are also present in his speeches;
  • Hanna Kochegura is an experienced stand-up comedian who knows how to turn problems into smiles. So always gives the public a powerful charge of positivity;
  • Oleksandr Teren is a guy who shows by his own example that even after an injury (and Sashko survived an amputation), life must go on - yes, it changes, but it does not become less beautiful. Oleksandr plays sports, writes a book, participated in the "Invincible Games" and even danced ballet.
  • Slava Bu is a charismatic and very talented stand-up comedian.

A bright and spring-like warm event

Be careful: on March 16, thanks to the performances of bright comedians, the level of humor in the hall can go overboard. But we are sure: you will cope with it! So - see you soon!

Where to buy tickets to the "Great Ukrainian Stand Up" stand-up show in Odesa?

You can order tickets for yourself and your friends online at Concert.ua.