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Viennese Coffee

19 October 2019, Sat. 18:00
from 2.67 EUR
from 2.67 EUR


Viennese Coffee in Ternopil - photo #1 Віденська Кава у Тернополі
Viennese Coffee in Ternopil - photo #2 Віденська Кава у Тернополі афіша
Viennese Coffee in Ternopil - photo #3 Віденська Кава у Тернополі квитки
Viennese Coffee in Ternopil - photo #4 Віденська Кава у Тернополі на concert.ua
Viennese Coffee in Ternopil - photo #5 Віденська Кава у Тернополі фото
Viennese Coffee in Ternopil - photo #6 Віденська Кава у Тернополі піти

About event

What is warto go on Vista "Vіdenska Kava"?

1. Make your imagination on the theme of all stories.
2. Wistava will give you the mood.
3. Istorichny characters from the Vista - vіdomi svetovy lіderi. We have troubled with our young people, in 1913 they were rooted, if they were the very best of them, if they were the best of them.

19 of Zhovtnya, within the framework of the Great All-Ukrainian Tour, vistava "Vіdenska Kava" was established by Ternopil!

The love story is Stalin, Gitler, Trotsky, Freud and the taverny zhinka. Stinks zustrіnutsya at once at videnskіy kav'yarn_ on the front of the first svetovoy svіtovі ійни ...

A French diplomat, Talleyrand, who seemed to be idealna kava, was guilty of hot yak hell, black yak hell, clean yak angel and solodka yak love. Hell, blessing, angel cleanliness and malt love - use all the way around “Vidensky Kavі”, story, yak prepared for the “recipe” p'єsi Dmitry Korchinsky. Masterpieces were written behind the kava, rozpolovinyuvali power, rozpochinali wini i water hour zakokhuuvalis. Napіy, yaky zavzhdi dodє gusta іstorії, - symbolic episcenter vistavi.

1913 rik. Y videnskiy kav'yarnі zbiraєtsya zgraya nevnehnyh sub'єktіv: painter-nevdaha Adolf, journalist Leo, psychiatrist Symund and family scientist Josip. In the first replica vpisu чtsya chіtky dіagnoz - usi poni psychologically nevrіvnovazhenі. Ale on the nose - 1914 Rik, and ts bіnnuvі - the highest Maybuttya St. Behind the skin of them you can guess the signs: Hitler, Trotsky, Freud and Stalin.

Have kav'yarnі pratsyuє Christina - zarobіtchanka іz Galichini. Won take sob vtlennya svoy zemlі іz vlasnoy іddentichnistyu. However, the “vichitelіv” sveta on him vzhe plan. In the skin character, you can feel your feeding for kava: in Adolf - in Hebrew, in Josip Klasow, and in Zimund - in a row, the name of the player is lіbіdo. Yo ui .

So chi іnakshsha, ugladacha zavzhdi є vibіr, you can vlasnogo tlumachennya. P'майsa є not lyshe Mayrsno vpisanim zrazkom politically пров provocation і, aly th test for knowledge of the history of psychological people. Ideal for a comical and tragical, gravelly and serious, rich and benign. Having no standing sign - no less bells of food, that “Vіdenska vistava” is destined to be loaded into memory. Shock, provocation on the topic of the day and kava, scho rozgrіvaі mіzki - those scoop spragli slyasniy peepholes!

Vistava Obіgruk Historical Fact. In Vidnі, in 1913 rotsі one-hour, literally on the rest of the streets, Ziumund Freud, Josip Stalin, Adolf G_tler and Lev Trotsky interrupted. Pongs could vipadkovo zustrіtsya in one kav'yarnі, de th vidbuvaєtsya dіya vistavi. People who have appointed Maybutn (and our presence) have a chance at smіshnі і tragіnnі situatsії. We know that stinkers stink, but stinks they don’t know.

Scenary - Dmitro Korchinsky
Director - Igor Marusyak
In roles:
Lіdіya Semesyuk,
Nazar Borushok,
Sergiy Fedorchuk,
Vitaly Chorny,
Pavlo Dovgan-Levitsky.

Triviality - 100 minutes.

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