Vera Polozkova

21 July 2019, Sun. 20:00
Zelenyi teatr Odessa, Shevchenko park
from 10.61 EUR
from 10.61 EUR
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About event

Why should go to the concert of Vera Polozkova?

1. Summer concert of Polozkova in Odessa is the most beautiful tradition.
2. Hear new and favorite poems.
3. See the most popular poetess and actress of the former Soviet Union.

Summer. Magic. Vera Polozkova.

Summer concerts of Vera Polozkova at the Odessa Green Theater have already become a good tradition. July 21, we'll see you again! Summer, sun, fresh sea air, tanned shoulders, sun-bleached hair ... You are happy, beautiful, and in two hours you live many lives, are transported in time and space, you are sad and happy, you fall in love and you are forgiven, you relive everything “forever” and each "never again." Wonderful, important, deep words respond in you and you are not alone in this! The whole room feels the same. Children's poems about teeth and little astronauts now sound with their favorite classics, where Bernard writes Esther, and Mrs. Corston grumbles at his beloved, now deceased Mr. Corston. And in your soul you are again very small, and there is a lot of happiness in you.
Thank you, Vera!