Faithful wives

31 October 2020, Sat. 19:00
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from 7.33 EUR
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Detective. Faithful wives

Alice's birthday, having just returned from a two-year journey, gathers old friends in her apartment. The party seems predictable until a bloodied necklace is found among the presents. Attempts to understand who sent it and to whom it is intended show that faithful wives, respectable housewives and quiet family keepers are not so sinless and that a cruel crime may be hidden in the past of each of them.

Based on the play by the playwright - Vlada Olkhovskaya

Vera Kobzar is a theater and film actress.
Natalia Vasko - theater and film actress.
Danna Nightmare - theater and film actress.
Vitalina Bibliv - actress of the Kiev Academic Theater Golden Gate
Angelika Girich - actress of the Kiev Academic Theater of Young Spectators.
Ekaterina Varchenko - actress of the Kiev Academic Theater in Pechersk.

Director - Tatyana Gubriy, Golden Gate Kiev Academic Theater
TKhudozhnik - Julia Zaulichnaya, Kiev Academic Young Theater
Theater Agency TE-ART
Producers - Tatyana Edemskaya, Victoria Zhabenko
The performance is in Russian with an intermission.