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25 September 2021, Sat. 20:00
Eden Garden Kyiv, Ботанічний сад ім. Гришка, вул. Тимірязєвська, 1
from 11.92 EUR
from 11.92 EUR


VERTUHA x COMMISSION in Kyiv - photo #1 vertuha-x-komissiya_eden-garden_250920212000_1
VERTUHA x COMMISSION in Kyiv - photo #2 vertuha-x-komissiya_eden-garden_250920212000_388
VERTUHA x COMMISSION in Kyiv - photo #3 vertuha-x-komissiya_eden-garden_250920212000_77

About event

VERTUHA x COMMISSION in Kyiv! A cool party under the VERTUHA network and KOMISSIYA songs at an equally cool location - the tropics of Eden Garden in the botanical garden. M. Grishka.

Why go to a VERTUHA x KOMISSIYA party in Kyiv?

  1. Disco party among tropical plants.
  2. VERTUHA rhythmic sets and KOMISSIYA dance songs will perfectly balance this evening.
  3. Cool surroundings, powerful location and beautiful you - this evening will definitely be successful.

VERTUHA x KOMISSIYA: tropical disco in the heart of the capital

VERTUHA, as they call themselves, the club of "gold diggers". These are musicians and DJs who play vinyl music. They collect themed vinyls, mix them well, add rhythm and order, and a dance mix is released, like UKRAINIAN 60s-80s or Electronic Rock.

KOMISSIYA is a nostalgic pop band from Kyiv. Their melodic songs capture different genres and styles, but the main thing is that they are all dance, human and it is impossible to resist them. Their performances, no matter how tube they are, are always small shows - cool images, quality presentation and interaction with the audience.

VERTUHA x COMMISSION. A party we just have to be at

Together VERTUHA x KOMISSIA gather friends for an exclusive joint event - a party at Eden Garden - a tropical greenhouse of the Botanical Garden named after Grishko.

Sparkling disco balls, stylish people, light cocktails, vinyl and live performances:

  • Presentation of the new mini-album Autumn Cruise from KOMISSIYA
  • Dj-networks from VERTUHA residents

Limited number of tickets.

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Where to buy tickets for the VERTUHA x KOMISSIYA party in Kyiv?

Tickets for the party VERTUHA x KOMISSIA can be purchased online at Concert.ua

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