19 August 2018, Sun. 18:30
Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Odessa, Panteleimonivs'ka St, 3
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from 0.91 EUR

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"Merry Widow" - one of the best operettas of the composer Franz Lehar, written by the hand of the master in the prime of life.

All the features of his gift, all the facets of his talent, were found here: the craving for drama, melodic generosity, subtle musical flair, the sense of the age in the genre of the operetta.

A widow with a million fortune, young and beautiful, from fans there is no release - why not have fun? And she arranges receptions, dances to ashes, takes courtship of young ponies, but does not answer to anyone: her heart is busy. In addition, she must marry a compatriot, so that her condition will not go abroad! .. How many intrigues and amusing situations follow! As it should be in a good operetta.

This story is about a young widow - the millionaire Ganne and the attache of the Montenegrin embassy in Paris, Danila, their meeting, the flash of mutual love and the circumstances that have arisen on the way to their happiness. The background on which the action develops is no less colorful: the diplomatic fuss around the problem - no matter how millions of Ganna is not got by the stranger, the lyrical themes of the couples in love, the places where the action takes place: the embassy's mansion, the Hannah estate, the chic cafe "Maxim", the world of brilliance and beauty ...

Franz Lehar wrote many operettas, waltzes, sonatas, marches and various symphonic works. But the world glory he brought exactly represented on December 30, 1905, the operetta "Merry Widow."

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