19 September 2018, Wed. 11:00
Odessa Regional Puppet Theater Odessa, street Pasteur, 15
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from 1.04 EUR
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About event

Why should I go to the play Funny Bears?

1. The heroes of the children's play "Merry Bears" - Topa and Topo - very much like little children. And watching them is very interesting and informative.
2. Easy and cheerful staging will lift the children's mood for a long time.
3. The audience will learn a lot of useful things and learn to be obedient.

We invite everyone - both kids and adults - to a wonderful play "Merry Bears". He will introduce the children to the little cheerful cubs Topa and Topo, who came to visit their grandparents for the summer (well, just like people).

Kind and funny heroes-bear cubs will help children like morning exercises, dousing with cold water and many other useful things. And Topa and Topo always listen to adults. Looking at them, small viewers will also become more obedient.

Waiting for you!