9 June 2019, Sun. 19:00
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from 1.33 EUR

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Seventh International Music Festival "In-FEST 2019"
"O-Fest" - an art center that lives creativity!
On June 8 and 9, we invite you to the VII International Operetta, Opera and Musical O-Fest Music Festival.

The festival locations will be located at the Kiev National Academic Operetta Theater and open-air - at the Singing Field in Kiev, in the Bucha City Park. Co-organizer of the festival is the Kiev National Academic Operetta Theater. The theater, headed by Bogdan Strutinsky, is always in the center of current events of Ukrainian art and culture.

The international music festival of operetta, opera and musical "O-Fest", initiated by the Kiev National Academic Operetta Theater in 2013. The idea of holding a large-scale cultural and artistic event belongs to the artistic director of the Kiev Operetta Theater, NSTDU Chairman, People’s Artist of Ukraine Bogdan Strutinsky.

“This year the seventh festival“ V-Fest ”will take place,” says Bogdan Strutinsky. - For the Operetta Theater, the festival is important because it gives, first of all, artistic and professional growth of artists, promotes the exchange of experience, the interaction of vocalists from different vocal schools from different countries. And for the audience - this is a great show and a festive mood! »The Ukrainian audience has the opportunity to see and hear world stars, performers of operetta, opera, musicals live! The festival contributes to the widespread popularization of the operetta genre in the world.

O-Fest is the only festival in Ukraine of the operetta, musical, and opera for the seventh year in a row gathering friends from all over the world. The guests of honor of the festival, traditionally will be the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of the participating countries of the festival, famous politicians, government officials, cultural and art workers. Leading soloists of world theaters and young artists will perform on the stage, there will be debutants. Youth groups and ensembles will represent their creative work.

The festival program will feature classical works, jazz, pop-rock, modern electronic music and many other genre musical variations will sound. Also, guests will enjoy unusual stage formats: a plastic theater, a team of eccentrics and a slapstick, and an imitation quest.

Also on the festival locations will be copyright workshops, workshops, presentations, modern art projects and art exhibitions will be on display. Subtle culinary tastings and children's entertainment programs and the like will be held. The seventh "O-Fest" should become a place for the realization of creative dreams for all who will be festivals on June 8 and 9, along with the National Operetta of Ukraine.

Plan your weekend in early June with us!