13 November 2019, Wed. 18:30
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, 1 Tchaikovsky Street
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from 1.33 EUR
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Why go to the play "Viy"?

1. Mysterious and inexplicable always attracted a person.
2. The stunning irony of Gogol, combined with the gloom of the plot, are stunning emotions.
3. The unusual genre of opera-ballet - a new and unforgettable experience.

On the stage of the Odessa Opera House - opera-ballet Vitaly Gubarenko “Viy”. Fascinating classics as a magnet attracts viewers for many years. Do not try to resist the temptation!

Opera ballet is based on one of the most sinister and at the same time exciting stories of classical literature. The stunning talent of the author was manifested in the ability to combine the terrible and the fun. Gloomy scenes, interspersed with cheerful sketches, saturate the work with rich color, leaving no one indifferent.

In this case, you will find not only an extraordinary plot, but also an unusual presentation. Sophisticated choreography, sophisticated technical movements, magnificent grace and amazing music will make the heart beat wildly in the rhythm of the artists' dance.

Mysticism permeates many works of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. When Pannochka, Homa and Viy appear on the scene, anything can happen. And who knows, maybe, at some point, the figure of Gogol himself flashes in the hall ...

The duration of the performance is 2 hours 20 minutes.
Conductor: Alexander Samoile.
Stage Director: Georgy Kovtun.
We are waiting for you!