The Stolen Princess

30 October 2018, Tue. 18:00
from 4.24 EUR
from 4.24 EUR

About event

Why should you go to the play "The Stolen Princess"?

1. You can make an autumn vacation for your kids unforgettable.
2. Favorite heroes will become very close, and the atmosphere of the fairy tale will fill the whole room.
3. A high level of performance organization will impress even adults.

Come all family to the bright and magical spectacle "The Stolen Princess"! Adults will return to carefree childhood, and the guys will give the sea a pleasant experience and positive emotions.

The play "The Stolen Princess" is a joint project of the FILM.UA Group (legal owner) and Magic Box companies, as well as "Fairy tales happen". The production is based on the plot of the cartoon "The Stolen Princess: Ruslan and Lyudmila." The artistic design, the composition of the actors will impress spectators of all ages. For a time the hall will turn into a wonderful country. And your favorite characters will come to life on the stage and make you forget about everything. Hurry to the play "The Stolen Princess" in his city!

Target audience - children from 5 to 12 years (adults as an anti-stress therapy is also recommended!) See you!

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