15 May 2020, Fri. 19:00
from 2.00 EUR
from 2.00 EUR

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Belarusian director Yevgeny Korniag invites us to the territory of the physical theater. This is a place where words are scarce. A place where power, movement and symbols take over.

Actors' stories, told in body language, rhythm, music, sound like echoes of disappearing words. Emotions that turn into gestures. Are you waiting for a linear story? The director of the play proposes to dive into the play in a new way. The concepts that are sometimes talked about in the theater are so fragile that they cannot always be expressed in words. It is the movement and the images that will convey what is usually left between the lines.

How can loneliness be filled? A glass of wine. How Many Glasses Do You Need? One, two, three ... the loneliness does not disappear and you are no longer able to stop. You're trapped in alcoholic euphoria. Your sense of loneliness is already filled with a pleasant aftertaste of a sip of the desired drink. You find yourself in a new territory where you become bolder. Wings grow out of you. Now you can say something "superfluous" that may be the most important thing - to admit to love, to apologize, to honestly answer the truth. The feeling of alcohol euphoria engulfs you, but now you're afraid of losing the line. Sip - a step forward, sip - a step back. Is there an ideal wine mix formula capable of eradicating loneliness forever?

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