Virtuosos of Kiev. Symphonies of the Universe

7 September 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 4.00 EUR
from 4.00 EUR

About event

Why should you go to the concert Virtuosos of Kyiv?

1. An unprecedented tour is the first major attempt of interaction between virtuoso performers of classical music and the Ukrainian listener.
2. Enjoy the music of famous composers.
3. Give yourself an unforgettable evening in the company of the talented Kiev Virtuosi and charming pianist Anna Ulaeva.

GAS Concert and the European Foundation for the Support of Culture presents a musical project, a concert tour of the "Symphony of the Universe"!

Concerts will play:

Symphony Orchestra "Kyiv Virtuosi"

For 3 years, the orchestra "Virtuosos of Kyiv" became the most popular musical group in Ukraine. Already in the first year of work, they played 120 concerts in Ukraine, Israel, Azerbaijan, Spain, Switzerland. The recordings of the orchestra are published by the world label Naxos Records.

Kyiv's Virtuosos are nominees for the Classical Music Awards 2018 for the best CD of the year. The Kiev Virtuosi became an integral part of the performances of showbiz stars such as Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, Tina Karol, Jamal, Nino Katamadze.

Concert tour "Symphony of the Universe" virtuosos will play in a large symphonic composition of 60 musicians.

Dmitry Yablonsky

Chief conductor and artistic director of the Virtuosi of Kiev orchestra, world-renowned conductor and cello player, Grammy Award nominee, honorary conductor of the Jerusalem Orchestra and Professor of the Bukhman-Mehdi Music School (Tel Aviv). Performs all over the world at such famous venues as Carnegie Hall in New York, La Scala in Milan and the Louvre in Paris.

Anna Ulaeva

An outstanding pianist in 2018 triumphantly won the prestigious Maltese International Piano Competition, where more than 720 musicians from 70 countries of the world competed. Previously became the winner in the competition "Golden Tone Award", them. Scriabin in Grosseto, Italy, "German Piano Open" in Berlin, it. I. Brahms in Detmold, Germany, "Isidor Bajic Piano Memorial" in Novi Sad, Serbia, im. I. Dichler in Vienna, Austria, "Jeunese Talents" in Montreux le Ban, France, and "Martha Debelli Stipendienwettbewerb" in Graz, Austria.

In a programme:
  • Concert for piano and orchestra "Travel Notebook" by Alexey Shor
  • Symphony No.2 by Johannes Brahms
  • The Thief Forty Overture by Gioacino Rossini
Yuriy Pogoretsky, director of the Virtuosos of Kiev orchestra, accompanist of the cello group:
This tour is our first major attempt to interact virtuoso performers of classical music with the Ukrainian audience. In recent years, we have managed to implement several projects with bright foreign performers, but for the first time to travel with a symphony orchestra and a soloist in the cities of Ukraine. Unprecedented project.
Dmitro Yablonsky, conductor:
This is an absolutely awesome project. The program will feature the music of three composers - this is Rossini, the overture "The Thieving Forty", Alexey Shor, who was born in Kiev, then emigrated to Israel, then to America. Shore is a composer, has a doctorate in mathematics, a unique personality. We will perform his concert for the piano with the orchestra, which is called "Travel Notebook", and in the second part Brahms' Divine Symphony No. 2 will sound, which on any continent can sound at least 24 hours a day.

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