Vladislav Medyanik. All hits!

20 March 2019, Wed. 19:00
Odessa Regional Philharmonic Odessa, st. Bunin, 15
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from 10.61 EUR
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The long-awaited concert in Odessa! VLADISLAV MEDYANIK

Slava Medyanik has been among the legends of chanson for many years. The singer strongly asks to relate to this genre without condescension, since he believes that chanson is the very plot song that helps a person find a way out in a given situation.

And now Vladislav Medyanik, on March 20, will perform in Odessa, with an amazing concert program. He will give the audience a few hours of incredible musical enjoyment. Your favorite songs: Kabak kabatsky smoke Dnipropetrovsk chap

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At the cafe "Metelitsa"


and many others.

Vladislav Medianik, a chanson performer, a legend of chanson, a participant in the annual National Chanson of the Year Award, was awarded the honorary badge of the Chanson Museum For Contribution to the Development of the Genre. Discography of Glory Medyanik has 12 albums, each of the songs in which touches the listener to the depths of the soul. All songs of Vladislav Medianik are distinguished by their penetration and are never forgotten.