Internal destruction

26 May 2019, Sun. 19:00
Les Kurbas Center Kyiv, vulytsya Volodymyrsʹka 23v
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Internal destruction in Kyiv - photo #1 Внутрішня деструкція у Києві
Internal destruction in Kyiv - photo #2 Внутрішня деструкція у Києві афіша
Internal destruction in Kyiv - photo #3 Внутрішня деструкція у Києві квитки

About event

People use a lot of masks to hide their "soft body" from the eyes of the surrounding society. We can not get rid of those masks that we've fallen into for life, experience, situations, but we believe that there is a solution - it's love. We stretch to her as a rescue circle, as something above us, where we can throw off the shackles, masks, and skin. But there is another side of love - it's destruction.

The material world is just an external manifestation of existence. Every person has his inner life not always connected with appearance. And everything that embarrasses it inside - it creates itself, and whether to get rid of it - solves herself.

Our generation is lost in the contaminated information world. We do not think about our contribution to the further development of mankind. And the first thing to start changing is in our consciousness.

This is difficult to explain in words, so we decided to reflect what we want to convey visually, for easier perception and understanding of the important change that each of us needs.

About the team:
Participants of the collective are graduates of the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Pop and Circus Arts specializing in pantomime.

"One of the most versatile types of stage art for us is pantomime. It is this genre that will be the main and basic in the creation of the performance. She will harmoniously synthesize the classic pantomime and mime.

At this stage, the growth of our team needs to be out of the framework of the production of the variety number and learn to work with a large form, that is, a performance. If everything is done as we plan, then this show will be the key to us opening the doors to the world of physical theater. "

Project partners:
Theatrical company Mime Wave, Netherlands, Amsterdam;
Mime Wave Festival - International Festival of Physical Theater 15-23.6, Kiev.

Special thanks to:
Artistic residence "White Mare";
Kyiv Municipal Academy of Pop and Circus Arts.

Duration 60 minutes