Waters of merlin

27 February 2019, Wed. 19:00
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from 1.21 EUR
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Everything that we are afraid to say and admit - we are talking under the guise of a clown.

Will Mezetin and Arlekin find the salvation from the suffering in the waters of the magical fountains? After all, one of them ignites the feeling of love, and the other - hatred... Will the amazing waters of the inhabitants of Paris, who suffer from passions and indifference, will save? All-powerful sorcerer Merlin makes a gift to people, but he is in danger... Where does the heroes play the game of desires and feelings? To freedom or a new trap?

The masks of the Fair Theater will not allow viewers to be too serious. But the smile will be philosophical, and the philosophy is funny...

Director and stage decision - Oleksandr Miroshnichenko.
Plastic solution - Julia Gasilina.
The scriptwriter is Vera Krutinina.
Actors - Oksana Bosa, Anastasia Gubanova, Dmitry Levenko, Denis Shcherbak.
Translation from the French Nedi Unhappy.

The joint project of the NTSTM named after Les Kurbas and the Kiev theater studio MIST.