She loved him

30 October 2018, Tue. 19:00
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from 6.23 EUR
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Everyone loves how he can! She loved him! She is Tanya. He is Sergei. She is his student. Wild, passionate, real.

No, this is not "Lolita", and do not look for analogies here. "She loved him" - sharper, harder and more funny! Where is everything going on? Here. In Odessa, Ukraine, on Earth - next to you.

There is a Slavik - a major who lacks adrenaline in life. There is mom Sergei, who just dreams to marry her son! There is a French Bulldog - John Snow! Tanya's father can not live without alcohol and waiting for Kostya, who is about to be released from prison ... No, no, it's not "black", as it may seem.

This is a "tall history" of uneasy relationships. The main thing is not to be dear. The heroes act quickly, they say straight, dream passionately.

AND! There is still Kostya. Kostya loves Tanya. And she. She loved her. But by his love. Everyone likes how he can ... It's a story about crazy feelings, a senseless couple, which leads to almost an ancient tragedy, a story about us, about you ..... And it will be funny, very ....

They say all the songs about love. This song is for sure. Unrivaled actors of the Odessa Ukrainian theater and Kyiv director Stas Zhirkov will speak with you in a modern way. The main thing - to have time to buy tickets, because they play in the format "Spectator on the scene".