6 November 2018, Tue. 07:00
from 4.52 EUR
from 4.52 EUR

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Why go to the theater "Vorobushek"?

1. This is the only show in the country that you can look at to work
2. The first comedy detective from the theater of the absurd
3. You will not be able to forget these charming idols for a long time

For the first time the International Vorobushek theater of the city of Kharkov comes to Lviv with its extreme performance (playing around seven in the morning!)!

The theater, which is the record holder of Ukraine in the nomination "The greatest number of played author's plays in one day", the theater is twice the participant of the TV project "League of Smile" on 1+1, because the theater, first of all, is comedy. And here, for the first time, Gorobchik arrives in Lviv with his comedy-detective "Zranochku", played at seven in the morning!

Just imagine - your colleagues are still drowsy, but you are cheerful and full of strength and energy, because he managed to enjoy a musical comedy performance. Believe me, we wrote a play with a clear understanding that you are still sleepy, which means it will be easier to get to your subconscious. Close your eyes and keep reading. Stop. That will not happen. Well, read the next paragraph, study it and then close your eyes, remember the text and imagine everything. Stop. Too hard Well, waggle your eyes and read it lightly. Oh, Lvovian, you are the owner of yourself, do what you liked with the following text, even read aloud, even close your eyes, though open them completely, so that the ages threw themselves up on the head, even if the music is turned on... Stop. Exactly! You hear... There's somewhere the music from the serial about detective Colombo. And now read...

The city is waking up, around the dawn silence, even as a traffic lights light flashing, steam from the fragrant coffee goes up to the sky, where the birds fly through. You make a mouthful of a strong drink that invigorates, and you come from the cold into a cozy warm room. And it fell...

What to say, what to write. You need to see it here. Waiting for you!

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