Sutreza with Vorobushek theater

16 October 2019, Wed. 07:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the play "Sutretsa"?

1. This is the only performance in the country that you can watch before work.
2. The first comedy-detective from the theater of the absurd
3. You will not be able to forget these charming eccentrics for a long time.

For the first time in Lviv with its extreme performance (played at seven in the morning!) The international theater of the absurd “Sparrow” from the city of Kharkov arrives!

The theater, which is the champion of Ukraine in the nomination “The greatest number of played author’s performances in one day”, the theater is twice a participant in the television project “League of Laughter” by 1 + 1, so the theater is primarily comedy. And for the first time Vorobushek flies to Lviv with his comedic-detective performance “Sutrets”, which is played at seven in the morning!

Just imagine - your colleagues are still sleepy, and you are peppy and full of strength and energy, because you managed to enjoy a brain-braying comedy performance. Believe me, we wrote a play with a clear understanding that you will be still sleepy, which means it will be easier to get to your subconscious. Close your eyes and keep reading. Stop. It won’t work out that way. Well, read the next paragraph, study it and then close your eyes, remember the text and imagine everything. Stop. Too difficult. Well, squint your eyes and read lightly. Oh, Lviv, you’re your own boss, do whatever you like with the following text, at least read it aloud, at least close your eyes, at least open them completely, so that your eyelids fall behind your head, even turn on the music ... Stop. Right! Hear ... There is somewhere music from the series about Detective Colombo. Now read ...

The city wakes up, around dawn silence, you can even hear the traffic light flashing, the vapor from the aromatic coffee rises into the sky, where sleepy birds fly by. You take a sip of a strong invigorating drink, and you go from the cold into a cozy warm room. And it started ...

What to say, what to write. You need to see here. Waiting for you!

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