Return of the prodigal father

8 December 2018, Sat. 19:00
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from 1.82 EUR
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About event

What does warto poti on Vistama "Turn of the Prodigal Father"?

1. Turn the plot around, make you smile.
2. Cascade of commercial scenes.
3. Neprost, ale tsikavі characters.

"The Turnover of the Prodigal Father" - the comedy is fantastic, there are surprises. In the foundations of the exhibition - p'єsa of the ukrainian television host Ілі Noyabrov.

Film, knowledge for the master, viyshov in 2009 rotsi, and in the offensive stage theatrical premiere Theater of Drami and Comedy on the left birch. Noyabroff є і directed by vistavi. Children's storyline in 1970-i rock.

Tetyana is a home-made zhіnka, the yak itself is a virostila two children. We have to go to jubilee, in the most unforeseen unexpectedly, it turns out that I am cholovik, yaky bv vsdsutniy nі bagato, ni little 17 rokiv. Ale was led by him not well spontaneously and I do not understand it. Palaty swindler virivish turn into sm'yu through bagato rokiv in order that you want to live for rakhunok relatives.

Strange, turning the "prodigal father and cholovika" put the peace of the іnnuvnnya simії z nіg on the head. And the axis of chi vdastsya shakhraєvі vіliti sіy p_dstupny plan in life - tse great nutrition. Aja is not easy to do heartlessly, if the kin is delivered to dovіru і amorous children. We are sure to look at the souls, ale tsei smіh bude not thoughtless. Check you!