Return of the prodigal father

26 January 2019, Sat. 19:00
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from 1.82 EUR
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Why go to the "Return of the Prodigal" show?

1. Turn the plot, which will make you wonder.
2. Cascade of comic scenes.
3. Cumbersome but interesting characters.

"The Return of the Prodigal Father" is a fantastic comedy full of surprises. The play is based on the play of the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Ilya Noyabryov.

The film, filmed, came out in 2009, and next year there was a theatrical premiere of the Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank. November is also the director of the play. The action of the plot takes place in the 1970's.

Tatiana is a lonely woman who has raised two children. We find ourselves on her anniversary, in the midst of which her husband, who was absent neither much nor 17 years, is unexpectedly unexpectedly returned. But they brought him not good incentives and not feelings of guilt. The burning scammer decided to return to the family after many years only because he wants to make money at the expense of his relatives.

Of course, the return of the "prodigal father and husband" puts the peaceful existence of the family on its head. But whether the crooks can translate their insidious plan into life is a big question. It is not easy to act in a heartless way, when the trust and love of their own children are put on their knees. You are sure to laugh at heart, but this laugh will not be thoughtless. Waiting for you!