All mice love cheese

11 January 2020, Sat. 12:00
Theater of the young spectator Odessa, Street Grecheskaya, 48а
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All mice love cheese in Odessa! We are waiting for you 2020-01-11 at 12:00 at the site of the Theater of the Young Spectator, Odessa.
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“All mice love cheese!” - a performance for the whole family, a romantic fairy tale melodrama, with magic and transformations!

A family of gray mice lived in a small cheese factory. By the will of fate, another family of mice - white, not gray, settles in the same cheese factory. Adult gray and white mice disliked each other. And their children - the white mouse of Fruzhi and the gray mouse of Shoma - immediately became friends and fell in love! What will happen to the little mouse in love? Who can help them in such a difficult situation? Come to our performance and you will find out how this fairy tale ended! ..