Evening in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky

25 July 2019, Thu. 19:00
Ukrainian house Kyiv, vulytsya Khreshchatyk, 2
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from 6.67 EUR
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About event

Why should go to the evening in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky?

1. This is an important occasion to gather representatives of several generations of admirers of the talent of the great author.
2. Songs Vysotsky live in decades.
3. The combination of Vysotsky's poems and the talent of amazing actors, musicians will be given unforgettable impressions.

The Kiev Theater of Poetry and Songs, responding to the numerous wishes of Ukrainian experts, amateurs and collectors of songs and poems of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky, decided not to miss the Memorial Day on July 25, 2019. and show everyone an updated, but rather for many, a new program on Vysotsky's creativity “Not Even Evening”. Our script group selected from the vast creative heritage of Vysotsky a stunningly interesting series of songs and poems, including many lyrical, philosophical and humorous songs. We decided this time, on a beautiful summer day, to do without the tragic war songs that are so consonant with today's realities.

We want peace for us and our children. We want to see your smiles, hear you laugh, look into your eyes.
In the most difficult years, Vysotsky’s songs helped the Ukrainian people to live and fight, and now let them help preserve honor, dignity and faith in a better life.
Come July 25 to the Ukrainian House at 19:00 and appreciate our joint work.

The best performers of songs and poems by V. Vysotsky will perform in front of you:
• Honored Artist of Ukraine, bard, theater and film actor - Boris Georgievsky;
• Bard, composer, poet, archaeologist, screenwriter - Timur Bobrovsky;
• Theater and film actor, bard - Dmitry Maklyakov;
• Bard, composer, poet, “silver voice” of the author's song - Olga Bogomolets.

Brilliant musicians of the theater, as always, will be warmly received by the public:
• Pianist, arranger, leader of the ensemble - Ivan Kharlamov;
• Great guitar player - Sergey Ozeryan;
• Steep, characteristic double bass player - Yegor Slavinsky.

Come to the Ukrainian House on July 25, you will not regret.