Evening in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky

26 January 2019, Sat. 19:00
Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces Ukraine Kyiv, 30/1, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St
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from 6.06 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the evening of memory of Vladimir Vysotsky?

1. 80 years old Vladimir Semenovich - this is an important occasion to gather representatives of several generations of fans of the talent of the great author.
2. Vysotsky's songs live in decades.
3. The combination of Vysotsky's poems and talent of stunning actors will give an unforgettable impression.

On January 26, we invite everyone to the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces for the Memory of Vladimir Vysotsky. Only sincere emotions, only real words ...

The year of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky was declared the 2018th year in the Kyiv Theater of Poetry and Song. Join now!

For the older generation, this performance will be an opportunity to return to the times of youth, when each new song of the bard is greedily absorbed by the rumor. But the power of Vysotsky's creative work is such that modern young people listen and sing his songs, read poetry, make films.

Masterpieces of Vladimir Semenovich translated into more than 20 languages: Ukrainian, French, English, Polish, Hebrew. And, as is known, according to Vysotsky's father - deeply Ukrainian roots.

In honor of Vysotsky in our country, many galleries were named, monuments to him and his hero (Zheglov and Sharapov) were created.

Perform songs and read poetry on stage will come out:
- Artist and bard Timur Bobrovsky,
- artist and bard Dmitry Maklyakov,
- actor of theater and cinema, bard Boris Georgievsky,
- Artist, author-performer Alexander Rudenko,
- the jazz singer Lana Merkulova,
- Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Slavinsky.

It will be sincere and sincere.

Waiting for you!