What the fest

29 - 30 September 2018 11:00
from 1.67 EUR
from 1.67 EUR

About event

Why go to What the fest?

1. Learn how to learn how to think and eat eco-friendly, how to stop producing large amounts of waste, how to discover a new world of cruelty free goods.
2. Deeply breathe and go in search of ways to the present, having received hints in the form of lectures from experts of our festival.
3. Completely relax and dance to the rhythms of Nude Voices and DJ Tapolsky.

WHAT will be on WHAT THE FEST ?!

What the Lectures?
We speak about awareness in everything and everywhere!
Self care, choice of clothes, conscious nutrition, spiritual practices, building co-creative relationships, self-knowledge and much much more. On how to make the first steps to transform yourself and your life, our speakers will tell by their own example: Tatiana Grineva, Pavel Vyshebaba, Lyudmila Hariv, Dasha Voronkova.

What the Market?
We sell useful products, not only food, but also clothes, specialized and unique products for yoga, creative bottles for water and this is only the beginning of the list! Among the participants: OZERO, Veg Couture, ALL eco, Eco Chips, Veggy Brownie bar HEDONISTAS, Cooleco, 4-yoga, Corka, Laska Charity store.

What the Food?
We eat not only useful, but also fantastically delicious!
Here and brownie with donuts and cakes from B12 and Veggy Brownie bar. And mega healthy salads from Sumasbrod Sandwich, your favorite burgers One Planet, and veggy hot-doggy from VEGANUT. And also Ginger, Green 13, Sereda vegan point, Coco Cream and many others.
The chef of the famous Kiev institutions and our brand-chef Sergey Boyko will conduct culinary master classes with the most delicious and simple food, will teach how to make the house a real gastronomic holiday.

What the Spirit?
We answer questions with the help of astrology, numerology, tarot, we advise for free! We tell about the harmonious construction of business, family and myself. And also, there will be art therapy. Go even to those who never thought that he can draw!

What the Books?
We share with you the book boom of the season - the products of the Palatka store! If you like reading, you just have to check out the assortment of these guys. And also test our personal mini-library SMARTLINE.

What The Fashion?
29.09 - show the collection of HESHE from MYRNA SHUBA. There will be well, very hot and not only because of eco-fur, but also because of the star guests on the podium!
30.09 - showing VEG Couture. The collection of the brand contains a deep idea of ​​the female beginning and its multifaceted nature. For connoisseurs of beautiful clothes with a soul just to taste!

What the Music?
Wow Wow wow! What a tusa! Dj Tapolsky blows up the dance floor, and Nude Voices is fascinated by a wonderful sound and frenzied energy!

What The Beauty?
Make beautiful yourself and the world around with YES PLEASE and eco-varnishes ZOYA. Incredible soap from Zelena and hand-made cosmetics by Unimed Organic and Mama's cosmetics. Melaina Art Studio and Karasevich Lyudmila draw mehendi, and for fans of paint will be more serious Vegan City tattoo corn.

What The Kids?
Entertained completely! Children's Center "Golden Child" organize a sports relay with elements of kung fu, will show how to develop interhemispheric connections (griffonage) and many other fun! Studio DELO will hold a master class on knitting brooches, decor elements and other beautiful things. And art studio MYLA will teach to draw on glass bottles of magic ornaments. Babies will not be bored!

What The Sport?
We train the body and spirit! Yoga from 4-yoga, salsa and jive from the school "Life of the Ball", hip-hop and jazz-funk from the school Myway. And for those who like to challenge themselves - a master class on balance-boards!

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