When my neighbors build democracy on # KISFF2019

20 April 2019, Sat. 16:00
from 1.67 EUR
from 1.67 EUR

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Since old times to the evil of the old world, more than to perepeeni on cultures and epochs, the problem of making their own "I" became a real nikoli. I know how to know each other on my own food, and just try to live up to our Europeans and our 30-year-olds, they didn’t check the news, but they did their job.

One of the festival will be headache motivіv buremnі that romantichnі podії scho vіdbuvalisya 30 rokіv that i neabiyak vplinuli our sogodennya: padіnnya Berlіnskoї stіni, zarodzhennya novih demokratіy in Shіdnіy Єvropі th zanepad ostannіh forpostіv komunіstichnoї іmperії. Ci those know about the program in the festival.

The ale of the bortomy for km_tumous humor, the cognitive mycestva, v_dkritost_ that nairi_noman_tn_shih forms of self-replication, as a matter of fact, have b_lsh nіzh 30 programs.

We asked me to look at newcomers in new ways, to find new ideas in them, and not to be afraid of inaccuracies in all kinds of words: rebellious people, rebel, martial arts, bazhanes, bazhanes, bazhanes, reckless looking, recklessness, fearsome and bazhanes.

Sveta ruhaє so shvy, і finding a way to make a difference all the way through a different career - kinookran cultural center "Kyiv". І If there is a viidesh in a cinema, then vidchuš, just live in one ti zi і old “I” make all tisnisha.

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