White Design Promenade

12 October 2018, Fri. 18:30
from 18.18 EUR
from 18.18 EUR


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About event

Why go to the White Design Promenade?

1. An entertaining entertainment program with buffet and drinks
2. Familiarity with creative ideas and art objects
3. The beneficial thing - 10% of the ticket price and funds from the auction are transferred to the Children's House "Malyatko" in Kiev

October 12 in the park named after them. The annual White Ball - White Design Promenade will be hosted by Taras Shevchenko with the support of KCSA. The event will open its doors to the creative and business community, representatives of the establishment, young talents and the public. Event organizer - Seven IDMG company.

White Design Promenade is an opportunity to find new contacts and create new projects. It is a platform for the implementation of creative ideas, presentations of works and new technologies. This is a meeting for good deeds.

A glass of champagne will have acquaintance, exchange of ideas and thoughts, new initiatives and unexpected projects will be born.

The people in white will gather at 18:30 at the fountain to enjoy elegance and elegance, evening sunset, stunning dance rhythms, an interesting program and communication.

During the evening there will be a quiet charity auction. The funds collected from the auction and 10% of the tickets sold will go to the needs of the Children's House "Malyatko" in Kyiv and the Botanical Garden on the eve of the 180th anniversary.

White Design Promenade:
18: 30-19: 00 - Arrival, photo, welcome drink, review of expositions.
19: 00-19: 40 - Introductory floor, buffet, communication of guests, performance by singer Dima Teimurazov.
19: 40-20: 10 - Golden show, holding a quiet charity auction, performance of the dance ensemble.
20: 10-21: 50 - Communicating Guests, DJ Mark Summers DJ Set.
21: 50-22: 00 - End of the evening, Bengal lights.

Leader of the evening Alexander Vysotsky

Dress code - total white

Lady and Gentlemen, dress white and join the White Design Promenade to delve into the creative, relaxed atmosphere and charity.

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