White Nights. Euphoria

12 June 2020, Fri. 20:00
Art-zavod Platforma Kyiv, Belomorskaya 1
from 15.00 EUR
from 15.00 EUR
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About event

White Nights in Kiev! We are waiting for you on 2020-06-12 at 20:00 at the platform of the Art Factory Platform, Kiev.
You can buy tickets for White Nights at Concert.ua online. And also place an order with delivery by courier or pick up an order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

The weather, as it were, hints that it is time to get ready for the summer. And where is the summer - there are White Nights! New, bright, unforgettable. The first party of 2020 will be held June 12–13.

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