2 August 2019, Fri. 22:00
UBK Kyiv, Trukhanov Island (200 m from the pedestrian bridge)
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR
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About event

Why go to APLAY with WHOMADEWHO?

1. Attend Hybrid Dj-set by bright artists.
2. Have a good time on the bank of the Dnieper overlooking the ancient hills of Kiev.
3. Chat with friends and make new ones.

The APLAY series of parties on the South Coast of the Crimea opens WhoMadeWho.

After the release of the debut album WhoMadeWho of the same name in 2005, the trio from Copenhagen literally and metaphorically visited the whole world, playing in front of a growing audience.

Thomas Barfood, Thomas Hoffding and Jep Kellberg collectively create music videos that delve into the secrets of the human psyche. They present listeners with versatile tracks with hypnotic rhythms and almost hyperbolic lyrics.

To date, the Danish trio have released six studio albums on labels such as Gomma and Kompakt, and you can see the performances of artists in the company of such names as Modeselektor, Tale Of Us and others.

WhoMadeWho cross genres, enjoying all the elements of pop, indie, techno, disco, punk and funk and more. “Everything is open to us,” says Barfood about his musical approach.

While still retaining its wild, colorful and vibrant nature, WhoMadeWho evolved into a state where their energy is directed through manic wild shows, strongly associated with their finely composed, harmonious and holistic music.