8 April 2019, Mon. 20:00
CLOSER Kyiv, Nizhneyurkovskaya, 31, str.
from 18.18 EUR
from 18.18 EUR


About event

Xiu Xiu is a Los Angeles project dedicated to the implementation of unbridled and uncompromising musical experiments by the multi-instrumentalist Jamie Stewart, who has been organizing the most unexpected collaborations, both in studio and on stage, for many years.

Continuous stream of releases, side projects, artistic works and great tours made Jamie an important person in the world of underground music. For many years of experiments (the group existed since 2002), the Xiu Xiu style has repeatedly changed. From avant-garde pop music, she suddenly flooded into the most desperate noises, and then suddenly took the form of an orchestra rock, not falling at the same time to a pile of musicians on stage. In spite of constant metamorphoses, Jamie's music has always taken the most radical forms, remaining rude and honest.

In February 2019, a new album Xiu Xiu, called "Girl with Basket of Fruit", is released. In this regard, Jamie goes on tour, taking with him a couple of very unusual companions, namely Torah Harris, who was famous for his work with Michael Jiri and Swans, and Jordan Giger, a member of Minus Story and Shearwater.

As for "Girl with Basket of Fruit", this is even more violent and unusual variation on the theme of the album "Forget", released in 2017. It is worth noting that the titans such as Eugene Robinson, Devin Hoff, Emmanuel Obie and Ayo Okafor participated in the work on the new album.

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