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Years & Years

14 February 2019, Thu. 19:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 23.66 EUR
from 23.66 EUR


About event

Why go to the Years & Years concert?

1. Arrange a revolution of love on Valentine's Day
2. Enjoy the fascinating vocals and sensual dances of Olli Alexander
3. To attend the performance of one of the most recognizable trio in the world

Crying. February 14 is a special date for all lovers of the planet Earth. For one day, the countries are turning red. Not from blood. From an infinite number of postcards, boxes of chocolates, roses, lace underwear. And some Ukrainians risk becoming red with anger if they do not have time to buy the most necessary and important gift - tickets for the concert of the British pop-trio Years & Years, which will first arrive in Ukraine on February 14, 2019. Place - concert club Stereo Plaza.

Years & Years are Olli Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Erme Turkman. They were formed in 2010, when Goldsworthy moved from Australia to London and met Noel Liman, Oliver Surbia, Erme and Ollie. Three years later, Noel and Oliver were eliminated, and the Years & Years continued as a trio. By the way, Alexander was in a funny way: Mikey heard Ollie singing in the shower.

In 2012, Years & Years release the debut track "I Wish I Knew", after which they are immediately taken for aim. For three years, one hit single after another, which was part of the debut of "Communion", which became platinum in the UK. At the same time, Years & Years are shooting a clip on the top track "Shine" in Pushcha-Voditsa near Kiev. Want more evidence? In the first minute of the video the Ukrainian milk Primealle, next - the bank from the soda Mojo.

In July 2018, the guys released the second album "Palo Santo". The creation took three years. During this time, Ollie managed to part with his boyfriend - the violinist from the band Clean Bandit, Mylan Amin-Smith - and survive the pressure from the issuing label, which demanded another album, in which there will be "golden hits".

The group acted cunningly. They slightly modified the sound, called the steep producer Greg Kerstin (Adele, Liam Gallgaher, Foo Fighters, Beck) and made a concept album. Palo Santo, in the view of Alexander - the promised land. A country in which there are no prejudices and everything that is not forbidden is allowed.

The whole trick of "Palo Santo" is this: there are hits, but at the same time the album sounds like a whole story. Here are laid not only global, understandable meanings, but also the personal life of Ollie, from the age of 13 - bullying from classmates, depression, food insecurity and non-acceptance of homosexuality surrounding him.

The game was worth the candle. "Palo Santo" turned out to be an ideal balance - moderately pop, to the extent of semantic. Merry, but without fools. Clever, but without annoying edification. And better than the date for the presentation of the album in Ukraine Years & Years could not choose. Arrange in the day of all lovers a real love revolution... Why not?