Single planet

24 March 2020, Tue. 15:00
The Odessa Dolphinarium Nemo Odesa, Langeron Beach, 25
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR


Single planet in Odesa - photo #1 yedyna-planeta-odesa-02-02-18_odesskiy-delfinariy-nemo_020220201800_552
Single planet in Odesa - photo #2 yedyna-planeta-odesa-02-02-18_odesskiy-delfinariy-nemo_020220201800_340
Single planet in Odesa - photo #3 yedyna-planeta-odesa-02-02-18_odesskiy-delfinariy-nemo_020220201800_186
Single planet in Odesa - photo #4 yedyna-planeta-odesa-02-02-18_odesskiy-delfinariy-nemo_020220201800_993
Single planet in Odesa - photo #5 yedyna-planeta-odesa-02-02-18_odesskiy-delfinariy-nemo_020220201800_163
Single planet in Odesa - photo #6 yedyna-planeta-odesa-02-02-18_odesskiy-delfinariy-nemo_020220201800_503
Single planet in Odesa - photo #7 yedyna-planeta-odesa-02-02-18_odesskiy-delfinariy-nemo_020220201800_906

About event

Why go to the One Planet show?

1. Get vivid emotions from communicating with friendly marine inhabitants.
2. The inhabitants of the underwater world will reveal their secrets to the audience.
3. The scale of the show program has no analogues in Europe.

Odessa Dolphinarium "Nemo" presents a new bright and dynamic show "United Planet"! Spend time on the friendly Black Sea coast unforgettably!

The main characters of the new program will be dolphins, seals and lions. The show will fill everyone with a love of nature. The coordinated actions of people and marine life are an example of friendship and harmony. The creators of the show and incredibly talented and intelligent animal artists will remind everyone: a single planet is a peaceful coexistence of people and animals.

The performances of the Nemo Dolphinarium attract a lot of spectators every year. Shows are conquered by a high level of organization and their scale. This time the guests of the dolphinarium will have a grand holiday on the seashore using modern technical solutions, new directorial finds. But the main thing is, of course, the participation of wonderful inhabitants of the underwater world, which simply cannot but cause sincere smiles and sparks of happiness in the eyes of the audience.

“One Planet” is a journey into the depths of the ocean, new discoveries and exciting tricks. A sea of positive and endless delight - provided for everyone!

We are waiting for you!

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