Emigrants. Indefinite genre

16 July 2020, Thu. 19:30
Kyiv fortress Kyiv, Login with b-ra Lesia Ukrainka 12-14
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR
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Emigrants. Indefinite genre in Kyiv - photo #1 yemigranti-neviznachenii-zhanr_kievskaya-krepost_160720201930_466

About event

What is freedom? And what is slavery? And can these concepts exist separately from each other?

Two emigrants, by the will of fate, live together in one room. They are united by the past in one state and a common future in the basement. But is this enough for coexistence? ...

Director - Alexander Kravchenko
Set Designer: Tanya Belik
Roles are performed by Georg Nechaev and Oleg Shushpannikov

"Kiev fortress"
st. Lesi Ukrainian 12-14

Ticket price - 150 UAH
Details here: 093258 97 72

ATTENTION! The performance will be carried out in compliance with all safety requirements in quarantine. The presence of masks in the audience - Mandatory "! The distance between the audience - 1.5 m. The presence of an antiseptic.