YouTube. Cheat sheet of a marketer

23 November 2018, Fri. 18:00
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from 45.45 EUR
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YouTube is a trend. According to Cisco, up to 2020 videos will account for 80% of all user online traffic. And today YouTube is the # 2 most popular site and mobile app in Ukraine.

83% of surveyed marketers would like to create video content, if they had time, budgets and understanding how to promote video properly. YouTube is not Instagram or even Facebook. It works on a completely different basis and requires much more time, energy and finance. Except for a typical algorithm of work, this platform requires a special approach to content, which we call "metadata - search engine, video users, and marketing - reach."

In this lecture you will learn:

About the strategy
➢ YouTube Brand: Who needs a feed and why;
➢ what marketing tasks can be solved with the help of the platform;
➢ How to integrate YouTube into the overall marketing strategy and SMM;
➢ how to develop channel strategies and sales funnel;
➢ how to describe a video of what it would read on the YouTube algorithm;
➢ what tools to use for additional growth of views.

About the user
➢ "mythical" and real target audience;
➢ Why users do not go to YouTube from other social networks and what to do with it.

About money
➢ what budgets spend on the promotion and what results to expect;
➢ ways to monetize content.

About the content
➢ what content should be created to ensure that the channel grows organically;
➢ How often should the video be uploaded, and what length of time it should be;
➢ what are the "hippies" and how to use them as efficiently as possible;
➢ how to make a movie viral and for what;
➢ How to avoid misunderstandings about ethics and copyright.

These and more, not only these questions, we will help to understand everyone who works in the field of marketing, branding and SMM.

Help us with this certified YouTube creator, marketer, founder of Emorphosys Ukraine and responsible for content in eMorphosys Software Solutions (India) Anna Ljutko.

eMorposys Ukraine is a Ukrainian subsidiary of an international company focused on content creation on the YouTube platform, turnkey corporate channels, traffic creation for sales funnel, business development across YouTube, and better performance across markets, languages, and platforms. EMorphosys has over 250 custom channels in different languages and topics, 4 gold and 26 silver buttons on YouTube.