YouTube: simple truths of a complex algorithm

28 September 2018, Fri. 19:00
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From the lecture "YouTube: Simple Truths of a Flexible Algorithm" you will learn

1. Why YouTube has become the largest video platform in the world
2. What is monetization, what does it make of it, that it affects it
3. Youtube algorithm

Youtube is a "new TV". On its platform, original shows, channels and blogs are created. Popular videos are gaining millions of views, and video bloggers gain fame and money at the level with Hollywood movie stars and popular athletes. Children no longer dream of becoming cosmonauts or doctors, they dreams of being video bloggers and it's Youtube who contributed to this.

Importance and Prospects YouTube understands business. That is why brands and campaigns master it by creating their own channels and filling them with unique content.

YouTube accounts for half of all Google activity, and this number grows every month. This is the third most visited site in the world and the second search engine. And these trends are objective - we have changed the way we look for information. The perception of video information is lighter than text, so more and more users use YouTube as a search platform from year to year to immediately get the most comfortable and accessible kind of information - videos.

Changes that have occurred to YouTube since it's been a separate story. At first, the site was mostly taught amateur videos, often very average in quality. Now YouTube is one of the largest channels for distributing and promoting new, original content. For many authors who participate in the site's affiliate program, uploading videos is a source of revenue.

On September 28, at the FEDORIV Hub, Ani Ljuko's lecture on "Youtube: Simple Truths of a Flexible Algorithm" will be held.

Anya is a certified YouTube creator, founder of eMorphosys Ukraine and is responsible for content in eMorphosys Software Solutions (India). eMorposys Ukraine is a Ukrainian subsidiary of an international company focused on content creation on the YouTube platform, turnkey corporate channels, traffic creation for sales funnel, business development across YouTube, and better performance across markets, languages, and platforms.

EMorphosys has over 250 custom channels in different languages ​​and topics, 4 gold and 26 Silver YouTube buttons.

The YouTube algorithm is very complex, specific and significantly different from Facebook or Instagram. Sooner or later, any business faces the need to access this platform. Someone has already tried and did not get the result, someone takes the first steps, and someone through the many attempts and mistakes has mastered the basics of working with this site. Unfortunately, there are those who mistakenly lose their channel due to mischief.

Almost every business can benefit from the creation and development of a video channel, as there are many different ways to use this platform. The main thing is well thought out strategy, a bit of fantasy and constant analysis of the results.

In this lecture, we will look at the basics of YouTube work, how to work in it, staying safe.

In particular, let's talk about the following:
• Why YouTube has become the largest video platform in the world
• Who are the creators?
• Goals of Youtube Channels (what can business achieve on this platform)
• What is monetization, from what it is composed, that it affects it
• What is CPM and how to work with it
• Youtube algorithm
• View time as a key indicator
• Metadata
• Tambinis
• Sowing in social networks
• Copyright as a stumbling block
• Ethics as a "plague" of creators
• AdWords Youtube: Good and bad
• Security on YouTube
• Do not be cunning Google: bots and cheatbags

Each topic will be illustrated by interesting case studies.