01 - 04 October 2020 19:00
Secret place Kyiv, Secret place
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from 3.33 EUR
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YOUTH OF TUSA vol.3 in Kyiv - photo #1 yunost-tusa-vol3_secret-place_011020201900_960
YOUTH OF TUSA vol.3 in Kyiv - photo #2 yunost-tusa-vol3_secret-place_011020201900_365
YOUTH OF TUSA vol.3 in Kyiv - photo #3 yunost-tusa-vol3_secret-place_011020201900_831
YOUTH OF TUSA vol.3 in Kyiv - photo #4 yunost-tusa-vol3_secret-place_011020201900_788

About event

YOUTH OF TUSA vol.3 in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-10-01 в 19:00 on the Secret place, Kyiv.
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YOUTH vol. 3 from Party Dealers.

YOUTH is already, let's not be afraid of this word, a LEGENDARY annual party that gathers the coolest and most freedom-loving people.

And we, in turn, try to bring something new every year and surprise our audience with innovations.

3 days of burst! 3 different formats! 3 unforgettable days!

DAY 1: PRE PARTY - we are going to chill, chat, recharge on MAIN PARTY and put together a company for the next 2 days.

DAY 2: MAIN PARTY -   20 DJs, the coolest location for more than a thousand people (no one has broken in there for 6 years, we are the first!), Our unique vibe and your crazy energy and your night, where there are no rules!

3 DANCE FLOORS: Main stage, Squad hip-hop stage, Techno stage, music for every taste for your movements.

DAY 3: AFTER PARTY aka Residents night   - a small get-together for the most persistent, we improve our health with beer, enjoy the sets of our DJs under the lounge and consolidate the torn rest!

And remember, your YOUTH is the internal vaccine against COVID-19, which will save the world no matter what.

If this fact still bothers you in October, then sit at home and watch the stories of your friends and try not to break into motion at night! Train your willpower and strengthen your immune system.

Well, why, shall we come off in half a year?