15 November 2018, Thu. 20:00
from 3.03 EUR
from 3.03 EUR


About event

Why go to the Yurcash concert?

1. Farewell tour. Spesite see you!
2. The most unpredictable group, with its own style and perception of the world. Professionals with capital letters "P"
3. Simultaneously and funny and scary. Sex Family

The first farewell tour of the band Yurcash - "Captain Airship". Part 1 # citation_censors

"Every joke is a fate of a joke." Yes, knowing Yurko Yurchenko, it's hard to predict - it's a joke, or the first farewell tour can still be the last ... So hurry to enjoy the band that today is really at the peak of its form! Welcome to the incredible, unpredictable and completely crazy world of Music of the band "Yurcash" !!!

Yurchenko speaks about his brainchild with his humorous peculiarities - this is "the project of Yurko Yurchenko, who survived from the mind." What Yurkesh is doing now, and the singer Yurko Yurchenko, who once used popular Ukrainian teenagers, was heaven and earth. New image, new repertoire, new style - "Yurkesh" has successfully combined punk, folk, ska, blues, symphonic rock and even hardcore.

Nude feelings and uncompromising volumes are a group of Yurcash. The super-finalists of the most famous talent show of Ukraine "X factor", musicians who impressed judges with professionalism and an unforgettable show!

Yurcash is a path to the system for a new awareness.

Yuriy-Yurcash Yurchenko - (vocal-guitar-ionic)
Yuri-Kondrat Kondratyuk - (guitar, back vocals)
Yuri-Raff Zaharchuk - (drums)
Arthur-Archibald Makeev - (bass guitar, back vocals)

Are you in anticipation of special music and the grandiose show of the band, breaking all the stereotypes! This is a Yurcash new generation!

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22 November 2018 19:00

Picasso Club ,  Lviv

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21 November 2018 20:00

Makhnopab ,  Dnipro

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23 November 2018 20:00

VV22 ,  Kyiv

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